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New Opportunities for Successful Woman Owned Businesses in Canada

New Opportunities for successful woman owned businesses in Canada can be found with Real Deals on Home Decor,

successful woman owned businesses

successful woman owned businesses

as they open territories for their franchise stores, only open two days a week, which are thriving all across the US.

Opportunities for Successful Woman Owned Businesses in Canada

Plenty of women want to start their own business in something that they love to do. Real Deals on Home Decor offers opportunities for successful woman owned businesses that are open only two days a week, giving women time for friends, family, and a busy lifestyle.

Successful woman owned businesses share certain characteristics that are familiar and understood by Real Deals, because the majority of their customers, as well as owners and franchisees they work to satisfy are women.

 What Makes a Successful Woman Owned Business?

Listed are the 3 major characteristics needed for the base of a successful woman owned business, all of which are provided to franchisees of Real Deals on Home Decor:

Recognizing the Perfect Market Location

Because Real Deals has been in the home decor market for years, they have a development team focused on selecting the best community for a home decor store depending on the location of the franchisee.

Carefully Chosen Product

When choosing product for a home decor store, it is easy to get overwhelmed at decor expos where there are millions of different items. The Product team at Real Deals on Home Decor does not leave franchisees on their own for this task. They carefully choose product based on years of experience and provide franchisees with suggested orders that are ready to send to vendors.

Killer Pre-Tested Marketing and Advertising Material

Many new women owned businesses in Canada do not have access to readily-accessible, low-cost marketing materials. Real Deals on Home Décor’s Marketing and Advertising team provides new franchisees with all the marketing materials they will need to establish a successful presence in print publications, on TV and radio, in their stores, and in social media. In addition, email templates in Constant Contact are designed and ready to use, many postcard designs are available through their print on demand website, and yearly marketing plans help ensure success.

Real Deals understands what it takes to build a successful woman owned business. Why? Because the company began with five women – sisters. They set out to earn a good income selling home décor they loved, and wanted to keep their balance with friends, family, and busy schedules so they opened their stores only two days a week. Over 70 franchise stores later, they’ve provided this opportunity to many other women, and now are giving women in Canada the opportunity to own a thriving home décor business.

Contact their corporate development team to design a franchise plan that is convenient, successful, and fun.

Jeff Humphrey
VP of Development

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